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Proposed Action

The 1.3 miles of new freight rail line (the Line) proposed by Green Eagle Railroad (GER) would be a secure, double-tracked rail corridor with no roadway/rail at-grade crossings extending from the United States/Mexico border to the existing Union Pacific Railroad (UP) connection at approximate UP milepost 31. The Line would cross the Rio Grande River on a newly constructed rail bridge (Rail Bridge) and would be elevated on a 100-foot-wide earthen embankment. The total width of the Line, including the service roads, would be approximately 160 feet. A non-intrusive inspection (NII) facility and noise barriers would be located within the right-of-way. The Line would be fully fenced, monitored, and patrolled by security personnel on a service road.

The Line would be part of the larger Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge project (PVGTB Project) by Puerto Verde Holdings (PVH). In addition to the Line, which requires Board authority, the PVGTB Project would include a new commercial motor vehicle roadway that would cross the Rio Grande River on a new road bridge (Road Bridge); a control tower; and truck inspection facilities. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would operate the inspection facilities. PVH would either lease the facilities to CBP; transfer ownership of the facilities to the General Services Administration; or operate the inspection facilities as a privately owned Central Examination Station.

A variety of commodities would move to and from Mexico over the Line and roadway. Trains operating on the Line would consist of approximately 150 cars with two locomotives on the front end and one on the rear end, for an approximate train length of 9,300 feet.

GER’s stated purpose for constructing and operating the Line is to develop an economically viable solution to meet the need for border infrastructure improvements at Eagle Pass that increases safety and facilitates binational trade between the United States and Mexico. According to GER, the Line would resolve rail and truck congestion, reduce cross border wait times, and route rail traffic around the urban center of Eagle Pass.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will issue a decision on whether to grant or deny GER's request for a permit to construct and operate the proposed bridges across the Rio Grande River and will participate as a Cooperating Agency in the EIS process. Permits will also be required from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the International Boundary and Water Commission. The EIS will analyze the impacts of constructing and operating the Line as well as the other parts of the PVGTB Project, as appropriate.


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